WILLEMSTAD – Are you going to Curaçao soon? And do you want to see more of the island than sun, sea and beach? Then join us on an excursion. The advantage of going on an excursion is that you don’t have to arrange anything yourself, so a real holiday! Let yourself be driven around, get an explanation from a local guide, visit places where other tourists do not come and enjoy all the beauty that Curaçao has to offer. To get some inspiration for your holiday, we give a top 10 of the best excursions on Curaçao. Which one are you going to do?

Curaçao is of course known for the beautiful bays with snow-white beaches, the wonderful climate and the friendly people. Lying on the beach, interspersed with a dip in the sea, is of course already fully enjoyed. But you have been on the plane for so long for a reason. Of course you want to see more of this beautiful island. Excursions are plentiful and plentiful. Whether you like culture, the beach, nature or being active, there is something for everyone.

In this overview you will find the best excursions you can do on Curaçao. To be sure of a place, booking in advance is recommended. It can be very busy at the excursion companies, especially during the holiday period and in the high season. And of course you want to be sure of a spot!

Varied island tour
The best and easiest way to discover Curaçao is to join an island tour. A local guide will tell you all about the culture, history and environment during the excursion. You will see many highlights of Curaçao in a short time. Think of the Pontjesbrug, a salt lake with flamingos, but also the popular beach of Cas Abou. Book an island tour at the start of your holiday, so you have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places again later.

Walk through Otrobanda and Punda
Do you want to get to know the capital of Curaçao, Willemstad, better? Then we recommend that you join this fun walking tour through the center of the city. During the walk you will be taken by a guide along the nicest places in the districts of Otrobanda and Punda. Of course, a visit to the ‘Pontjesbrug’ should not be missed. You will also see Fort Amsterdam and the photogenic colored buildings of the Handelskade.

Day trip on paradise Klein Curaçao
You can escape the hustle and bustle of Curaçao on the paradise island of Klein Curaçao. A truly beautiful white sand beach and clear blue water, in short, everything you could wish for. Enjoy a full day of sun, sea and beach or take a walk to the lighthouse or the shipwreck on Klein Curaçao. Sail on this boat, breakfast, lunch and drinks are all included, so you don’t have to worry about that. This is pure enjoyment! Read more about a day on Klein Curaçao.

Climb the Christoffelberg in the Christoffel National Park
Attention nature lovers! The Christoffel National Park is the largest nature reserve in Curaçao. The landscape is hilly, green and full of cacti. There are also wild orchids in the park. The Christoffelberg is the highest mountain in the park, which you can also climb. There are several beautiful car routes in the park, but walking is also possible. You may even come face to face with the rare white-tailed deer that lives in Christoffel Park or visit the historic plantation. During this jeep safari through the park you will also receive an explanation about, among other things, the flora and fauna and history of the park.

Visit Shete Boka National Park
Another beautiful national park that Curaçao has is Shete Boka. Here, enjoy the desert landscape and the rugged coast in an open jeep. The northern coast of Curaçao is very rocky. High waves have free reign here. Enjoy the spectacle as the waves break on the shore. In the park you will also visit an underground cave and with a bit of luck you will see sea turtles. Read more about a visit to Shete Boka National Park.

Snorkel in the Caribbean Sea
Have you always dreamed of swimming among tropical fish? Then this is your chance! Many different types of fish live in the water around Curaçao. During this excursion you enter the water in a quiet bay on Curaçao. While snorkeling you can take underwater photos of the fish and even sea turtles, so a lasting memory of this great experience.

Make a (test) dive in the Caribbean Sea
Have you ever snorkeled? Then you know how beautiful the underwater world of Curaçao is. Colored corals, tropical fish, sea turtles and maybe even a ray. Combine that with crystal clear, warm water and you have the perfect conditions for diving. Curaçao is therefore a perfect place to learn to dive. You can get your diving license in just a few days during your holiday after completing a diving course. Here you can read more about learning to dive on Curaçao.
Not sure if you’re going to like diving or don’t want to spend several days of your holiday diving? Then consider making a test dive. During a test dive you will learn the basics of diving and you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world under supervision without having a certificate in your pocket. If you already have your diving certificate, you can opt for a guided dive including the use of diving equipment. A guide takes you to a beautiful dive site and does the underwater navigation. You just have to enjoy all the beauty that the Caribbean Sea has to offer.
Tasting at Curaçao Liqueur Distillery
Blue Curaçao, who doesn’t know this popular drink? Made in Curaçao, this liqueur is used in cocktails served around the world. During the excursion through the distillery you will receive an explanation about the process of making Blue Curaçao and you will learn how to make a cocktail yourself. The guide can also tell you all about the history of this liqueur. During the tour you will taste different liquors, cheers!

Walk through the caves of Hato
A visit to the Hato Caves should not be missed during your vacation on Curaçao. The caves are located near the airport on the island. Contrary to what you might expect, you do not descend to reach these caves, but you climb a flight of stairs. Once inside you see how beautiful and large these caves are. During this excursion, a guide takes you through the different rooms and shows you around the stalagmites and stalactites.
Take a sunset sailing trip
End your vacation on Curaçao with a fantastic sunset sailing trip. Enjoy a snack and drink on board and sail into the sunset in a relaxed way. See how the colors in the sky slowly change until Curaçao is shrouded in an orange glow. After sunset you can enjoy the view of the lights of this beautiful island. A great end to a beautiful trip.
Of course, these top 10 of the best excursions on Curaçao are just a selection of the total range of fun tours and activities that you can do on the island. Do you want to view the full range? Click on this link for even more inspiration.
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Have you become enthusiastic about a holiday on Curaçao after reading these excursion tips? Here you will find a number of great offers for a holiday to Curaçao. Tip: don’t forget to arrange your excursions in advance, then you are assured of a spot.



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