Our terms and conditions apply to every booking you make with us or through this website and the
It is therefore important that you know for sure what these terms and conditions mean.

Money back guarantee.

When does the Money Back Guarantee apply? The Money Back Guarantee is applies when your travel destination has a negative travel advice because of for example COVID-19 and if, for example, KLM or TUI has to travel as a result of the changed travel advice Cancel.

Money back with code orange

If your trip cannot go ahead because your holiday destination has/will receive code orange, then you will get your money back from us guaranteed. So no hassle with vouchers or vouchers.

Minimum age car rental

The driver must be at least 23 years old and have held a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year to be. There is an excess of € 450.00. You can buy off the deductible. The amount is € 25 per person
day. If you buy off the deductible, you do not have to pay a deposit. 


The car must be returned in the same condition, i.e. including accessories, spare tire and tools, clean and the same tank filling.

Damage and theft

In the event of theft of the car, parts or accessories, these costs will be for the renter up to maximum amount of the deductible. Bon Momentu BV is not responsible for items or belongings left in the car. Any minor damage/glass damage and the loss of rental days due to repair, will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit remains under the management of Bon Momentu BV until the damage has been fully settled. The deposit will never serve as a prepayment of the rent. Damage without the knowledge of the inflicted on the tenant is also for the account of the tenant. The renter is fully liable for damage caused by ignoring warning lights and (temperature) gauge(s) on the dashboard and damage caused with intent, conditional intent or with the consent of the

Off road

The cars are insured for use on public roads. Damage and pollution incurred by Off-Road use of the vehicle, at all times and in full, is the responsibility of the renter and will be charged
at least the full deposit will be withheld. When research shows, the damage to be higher than the surety paid, additional collection will take place.

Liability in case of injury

The renter indemnifies Bon Momentu BV against all liability for damage and/or injury caused to the goods and/or persons transported by the rented object. There are also costs relating to damage and/or injury to the other party that exceeds the insured sum of Naf 30,000 (converted € 17,000), for the account of the tenant.

Security and Accidents

If the car is left unattended, the renter must remove the key and finish the car close and activate the theft protection. In case of malfunction or damage as soon as possible contact Bon Momentu. Self-resolved faults to the car cannot be charged are being brought. Flat tires are the responsibility of the renter. Swapping and repairing of the tire (€ 7.50) must be arranged by the tenant. In case of accident: Vehicle not move and the tenant is obliged to have a Curacao Road Service (Tel 199) report drawn up and refrain from commitments. In the event of his negligence, the damage will be fully charged of the tenant. The deductible applies per event. (per claim).

Use vehicle

The renter is not allowed to use the car for other than private purposes; –to drive the car if he/she is in such a state of incapacity to drive motor vehicles, this is prohibited by law. 

Alcohol and drug use

Damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is entirely at the expense of the tenant.

Director and co-director(s)

The car may only be driven by the renter, unless Bon Momentu BV de driving license details of the co-driver(s) and has permission to do so granted.

Payment rent

The rent must be paid in advance. The rental price per day covers a period of 24 hours. The rent starts at the time the car is reserved for the renter. In case of late delivery an amount of € 10 extra will be charged for the first hour; after this one lapses into the complete daily rate. Any collection for the account of the tenant.

Return term

No refund will be given if the car is returned within the reserved period. At the not returning the car, all costs related to reclaiming the car at the expense of the tenant.

Driving behaviour

The car must be driven in accordance with the rules that apply in this country (Curaçao). Bee violation of this, all costs are for the account of the tenant.

Consequences conditions

If the tenant does not comply with above the following conditions, all consequences are for account of the tenant, if the tenant commits a breach of contract, Bon Momentu BV has the right to
immediately confiscate the car without refund of the prepaid rent. In cases not provided for in these terms and conditions, the decision-making authority rests with Bon Momentu BV

If you have any questions about renting a car, please email us: info@bonmomenturentals.com